We make beautiful hand crafted suites...

And we don't compromise on style or quality.

British Made Quality

Our premium furniture is made locally in the UK from sustainable resources. All of our suites are hand-crafted using hardwood frames, coil springs, and feather or fibre filled cushions.

  • Hardwood Frames

    We are so confident in the skills of our furniture craftsmen, who use time-honoured traditional methods, that we guarantee our robust sofa frame construction for no fewer than 10 years. The solid character of our tailor-made sofas is enhanced by our choice of especially durable hardwoods.

  • 1,000's of Fabrics

    Which other furniture retailer allows you to personalise your sofa from a choice of over 1,000 fabulous fabrics? There is also the luxury and feel of leather to consider, so whether you prefer modern furniture, or more traditional styles, you're sure to find a sofa to suit from such an extensive choice of colours, patterns and textures.

  • Comfort Options

    We have a wide variety of comfort options for you to consider. Take some time to decide which of our cushion fillings is right for you. Choose from: duck feather, duck feather and down, Hollowfill, Qualofil, Multiwrap, Sprung and Multilux (soft or firm).

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Your checklist for:

Quality Furniture

  • Every frame The Suite Company upholster is constructed using hardwood to prevent warping or twisting.
  • All The Suite Company chairs and sofas are carefully glued, screwed and dowled to ensure no creaking and no annoying internal frame noises. The corners of every piece of furniture that leaves our factory are fully timber braced to maintain a chair or sofa’s shape over a lifetime of use.
  • All The Suite Company frames are canvas covered and webbed with hessian. All of our chairs and sofas are fully sprung with traditional coiled spring units for extra comfort and durability.
  • The Suite Company cover the arms of all furniture with high density fire retardant foam to maintain shape and provide maximum comfort. Additionally, chair and sofa arms are then wrapped in another high grade top foam before being finally cloaked to reduce friction between the layers of foam and the outer fabric - that way there’s no internal wear on the fabric from continual use.
  • Whichever cushioning you decide on you can be sure that, as with everything that is produced by The Suite Company, we’ve taken every step to ensure that you’ll soon be settling into some of the best quality furniture available today. Also you’ll have saved yourself a handsome amount too - isn't that comforting!

Your checklist for:

Inferior Furniture

  • Watch out for frames made from chipboard and/or hardboard - 90% of furniture on the market today has frames made this way.
  • Don't settle for frames that are zig-zag or web sprung - this is the cheapest way to spring furniture possible - a classic example of cutting corners and costs.
  • Check chair arms are covered with something better than 30mm standard foam - this is used on some of the cheapest sofas on the market.
  • Be sure that the fabric isn’t upholstered straight onto foam - if it is, it may chafe and wear through quickly.
  • Examine the seat cushions - they’ve probably cut corners and cost here by filling them with cheaper standard block foam.
  • Look at the legs - poor grade furniture often comets on simple frail plastic guiders that will crack and break quite easily with use.
  • Be on guard - staple gun finished, mass-produced furniture is usually only available in a very limited choice of fabrics and a limited colour choice.
  • Don’t be fooled by appearances - a fabric that looks great today can easily look dreadful within a few months. Many of our competitors attach too little importance to durability.
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