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Breathe life back into your old furniture

At The Suite Company we have years of experience in turning your old settees and chairs into new ones, with our professional reupholstery service.

  • Reupholstery Experts

    We don’t just simply put new fabric over the old! Our reupholstery specialists carefully unpick the old fabric so that they are able to keep the patterns and style of your much loved furniture. This ensures that your sofa or chair is returned to you looking as close as possible to the way it did when you first took it home.

  • Enjoy your furniture for years to come

    That’s not all! To fully restore your furniture to its former glory we also thoroughly check the frame and all other components of the sofa and repair or replace any weary parts. This guarantees that your reupholstered furniture will be looking stylish and feeling blissfully comfortable for years to come.

  • Don’t settle for less

    If you have furniture that’s looking past its prime but that you can’t bear to part with, then don’t make do with cheap recovers. Choose the Suite Company’s quality upholstery package to meticulously restore your furniture and give it a new lease of life.

Call Suite Company on 0844 669 1077 or fill in the contact form above to find out more about our premium reupholstery service available in Nottingham, Derby, Leicester and surrounding areas.

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